>About repent and seek forgiveness


1. Regret is a reptile. (Narrated by Abu Dawood and Al-Hakim) 2. Evil Lord said to him, “By Thy glory and greatness, I’m not going to stop misleading the children of Adam as long as they are still alive.” Then Allah says: “By the glory and greatness, I will not stop forgive them for they’d seek forgiveness.” (Narrated by Ahmad) 3. All children of Adam wrongdoers, and the best of them are wrongdoers who repent. (Narrated by Addarami) 4. Verily Allah accepts repentance of His servants as long as life is not up to the throat. (Narrated by Ahmad) 5. Truly God’s hand stretched out in the evenings provide an opportunity for the wrongdoer repent during the day and stretching out his hand in the day gives an opportunity for repentance is the wrongdoer in the night, until one day the sun rises from the West (the Day of Resurrection). (Narrated by Muslim) 6. Truly Allah loves a servant of believers who fall into sin but repent. (Narrated by Ahmad) 7. When you perform well then you should do repentance of sins. If (the sin) of his secret so well kept secret repentance and sin when it openly even then his repentance openly too. (Narrated by Ad-Dailami) 8. No anything more displeasing to Allah than a young man who repent. (Narrated by Ad-Dailami) 9. People who repent of their sins like a man who does not bear the sin. (Narrated Ath-Thabrani) 10. Not a big sin a sin to seek forgiveness, and not accompanied by a small sin again an act if done continuously. (Narrated Ath-Thabrani) Explanation: Small sin if done continuously will be a great sin. 11. Peak seek forgiveness is greeting a servant:

“Ya Allah, You are my Lord. There is no god but You. Thou Creator and I remain Your servant in faithfulness and promise throughout my ability. I’m back to you with pleasure and returned to you with my sin. So please forgive me. Indeed there is no forgiveness of sin- sin except You. ” Rasulullah said: “Whoever said a prayer that with full confidence in the daytime and it died the day before dusk so he considered the Host. Whoever said it at night with confidence and he died before dawn then classified the Host as well.” (Narrated by Bukhari) 12. Surely God’s salvation down to me two for my people. Allah will not punish them while you are between them and God will not punish them are (they) were istighfar (for mercy), when I (the Prophet) to go (no) then I leave you seek forgiveness, until the Day of Judgement. (Narrated by Tirmidhi) 13. After the prayers (obligatory) to seek forgiveness of the Prophet were God three times, then said:

‘Ya Allah, thou mighty giver of tranquility and peace. From thee was the advent of tranquility and peace, Messenger of God who has infinite majesty and glory. (Narrated by Muslim) 14. A person who sinned and then clean themselves (ablution or bath), then he prayed and begged God’s forgiveness, Allah will forgive his sins. So saying the Prophet speak the word of God a letter Ali Imran paragraph 135: “And when people who committed heinous, or wronged themselves, they would remember Allah and ask forgiveness for their sins, and anyone else who can forgive sins sin apart from God? And they did not pursue their heinous deeds it is they know. ” (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim) 15. Anyone who seek forgiveness, then God will multiply him free from sorrow and gave him a way out for him and give him sustenance narrowness of her in an unexpected direction. (Narrated by Abu Dawood) 16. If you have never sinned, God tabaaraka Wata’ala will create another creature who sins and then God forgives them. (Narrated by Muslim)

Wallahu’alam bishowab..


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