>Beautiful Love For Allah swt


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

“It is not one of you in saying faith, until he loves something for his sister as she loves anything for its own self.”

The reason lovers the world, how could we put someone else in compare ourselves? the human passions, how can we give something we love to our brother?

Questions can be answered by describing Daqiiqil Ibn ‘Eid in his Sharh of the above hadith (complete details, see the Sharh Hadeeth an-Nawawiyah Arba’in).

(“It is not someone believe” his intent was-pen). The scholars said, “that is not faithful with a perfect faith, for if not, faith is not in getting one’s home except with this property.”

The purpose of the word “something for his brother” is a form of obedience, and something that is kosher. this case as described in the hadeeth narrated by An-Nasa’i.

“… Until he loves for his brother as he loves a good if that happened to her self.”

Shaykh Abu ‘Amr Ibn Shalah said, “It is sometimes regarded as something difficult and impossible, but it is not so, because the meaning of this hadith is not perfect one’s faith among you that he loves for the Islamic brother as he loves her for herself. enforce this affair can not be realized in a way like if her brother got what he got, so he would not participate in the crammed with his brother to feel pleasure and not reduce the enjoyment obtained his. It’s easy and close to the hearts of the survivors, while it is difficult to occur in the damaged liver, may Allah Ta’ala forgive us and our brothers all over him. “Amiiin …….

Abu Zinad said, “At first glance this hadeeth shows the demand equation (in treating him and his brother), but in its essence is tafdhil (tendency to treat more), because people want if he became the most important person, so if he likes his brother like her self as a consequence is that he will be a loser in terms of its virtues. not you see that man likes for his rights fulfilled and crime upon her in return? So the location of the perfection of his faith is when he has a mortgage or any of his rights upon his brother so he hastened to restore her even if she feels fairly heavy. “

Among the scholars say about this hadith, that a believer to each other is like a soul, then it is his sepantas she loves for his brother as her love for herself because of her like a second life as mentioned in another hadith:

“The believers are like one body, if one limb pain, then the whole body also feel ill with fever and unable to sleep.” (Narrated by Muslim)

“Brothers” is mentioned in the hadith is not just siblings or due to its similarities exist nasab / blood lineage, but “brothers” in a broader sense anymore. in Arabic, siblings called Ash-Asyaqiiq (الشقيق). Often we meet someone call her friend who also are Muslims as “Sister fillah” (my sister in Allah’s way). mean, the good that we give is valid for all Muslims, because his real Muslims are brothers.

If anyone asks, “How can we apply this now? Now his era is difficult. care of themselves alone is difficult, how might want to give priority to other people? “

O my brothers and sisters may Allah Almighty always set our hearts upon faith, become a strong believer! its really strong believer is more loved by Allah swt. heavy as any difficulties that we face now, know that the life of the Muslims during the early message of Islam by the Prophet peace be upon him much more difficult. but their love for God and His Messenger, their sadness far beyond the difficulties of living in the world is only temporary. listen to the praise of God against them in Surat Al-Hasyr:

“(Also) for indigent persons who emigrated are expelled from their homes and their property (because) seeking bounty from Allah and to Him ridhaan and they are in the way of Allah Almighty and His Messenger. They are the ones who really (ash-shodiquun). and those who have occupied the city of Medina and have faith (Anshor) before (coming of) them (immigrants), they (Anshor) ‘love’ someone who emigrated to them (immigrants). and they (Anshor) there is no desire in their hearts set on anything that is given to them (immigrants). and they give priority to (those immigrants) over themselves, even if they are in distress. and who is looking after himself from his miserliness, they are the ones who are lucky. “(Surat al-Hasyr: 8-9)

In these verses Allah praises the immigrants who emigrated from Mecca to Medina to gain freedom in realizing their creed ashyadu la laa ilaha illallah wa anna ashyadu of Muhammad Apostle of Allah. They left their beloved homeland and property they have gathered with toil. all for the sake of Allah! hence, the muhajirin (people who emigrated) was also getting praise from God Rabbul ‘alamin. so did the Ansar who was a resident of Medina. fillah my brothers and sisters, consider carefully how God teaches us the virtue of people who put their brother. itsar how amazing attitude (prioritizing others) them. in the letter that Al-Hasyr, praising Allah as the Ansar al-Muflihun (the lucky people in the world and the Hereafter), because the love of the Ansar against immigrants, and they put the immigrants on their own, even if they (the Ansar), he actually was in trouble as well. God Ta’aala praised the people of God to looking after his Ta’aala of stinginess themselves as people who are lucky. Thus it was not that done by the Ansar because of their faith but who is really sincere, that is the Essence of faith that has created man from clay and then refine his or her body shape and He is the Essence which provide sustenance to anyone who in his desire by and hinder the sustenance to anyone He wills.

But, remember fillah O my brothers and sisters, let us not be derailed by the cunning of Satan when they whisper into our chest “is preferred your brother in all things, even if your religion was at stake.” Fillah my brothers and sisters, let someone struggling to provide the best for his religion. suppose that a man came to pray to the mosque, he was immediately taken place in the back rows, while in the front rows there is still an empty place, and he argued “I give the empty place for my other brother. suffice me in the back rows. “You know, it is the cunning of Satan! Let us always competing in the goodness of our religion. Allah Ta’ala says:

“And the race-lombalah (in making) goodness. wherever you are surely Allah will gather you all (on the Day of Resurrection). Verily, Allah is his power over all things. “(Surat al-Baqoroh: 148)

was competing in making good of religion, not in world affairs. many people who argue with this paragraph to occupy themselves with world affairs, so as to learn about the meaning creed they no longer have the time at all. Wal iyadzu billah. may Allah keep ourselves so as not to be people like that.

Make it happen brother’s love of you Due To Allah

Let us together break down, what a simple example that we can do day-to-day as evidence of love something for our brothers who we love for ourselves …

Saying Salam and Salam When Answering Meet

“You will not enter Paradise until you believe, and you will not believe until you love each other. Will not you show me something if you do then you will love each other: greetings must prophesy of you. “(Narrated by Muslim)

In essence it is a prayer of greeting a person for others. within lafadz greetings “Assalaamu ‘alaykum Warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh” there is a form of love for a Muslim to another Muslim. namely his desire to greet people in his greeting, can obtain salvation, grace, and blessing. Blessing was still his sense of his goodness and multiply him. surely someone happy when people are pray salvation, grace, and blessing for him. may Allah grant those prayers. fillah my brothers and sisters, let us think! how much happiness we share with our fellow Muslim brothers when each met with other Muslims that we know whether or not we know we always greet them with salam. we would not even want to if we get many such prayers! however, very good if a Muslim woman does not say hello to the man who is not her mahram if she was afraid would happen slander, then when on the road we met with a Muslim we do not know but he was hooded and we believe that the veil is a trait that he is a Muslim, say hello to her. Hopefully with these simple things, we can spread the love to a fellow Muslim brothers. Insha Allah …

Spoken word Exciting and Useful

In one day we can count how much time we spent together just be gathering and chatting with friends. Our conversation often leads to backbiting / gossip / gossip. how he lost us. Had it, talked it time we use to talk about things that he at least more useful, of course we will not regret it for example while eating lunch with our friend recalled, “That was my Fajr prayers in congregation with friends boarding. so my congregation. my friend who became the priest, reading the letter of Al-hearted. he said that the Sunnah. what the heck was his sunna? “another friend said,” the Sunnah is your friend that his intent doctrine Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam. indeed in sunnahkan to read Surah Al-hearted in the second rak Fajr prayer on Friday. “Then, ask a friend who had also said,” Ooo … so, why did I just know … “Subhanallah! a lunch that turned into a “knowledge council”, fields reward, and the event gave each other advice and kindness to fellow Muslim brother.

We Invite You To Attend Assembly Together ‘Science

From the above brief chat, could have then continued, “By the way, if you know where Al-hearted read the letter in the second rak Fajr prayer on Friday was sunna?” His friend replied, “I know it from study. “Thank God if it turns out her friend was interested to participate in the study,” If I can not participate? like also review its fun. “Her friend said,” Alhamdulillah, God willing, we can go together. I’ll pick you at the boarding house. “

Advise each other, either by oral or written words

One day ‘Umar radi’ anhu once asked about his disgrace to another friend. Companions it was replied that he had heard that ‘Umar radi’ anhu has a variety of side dishes at her dinner table. then ‘Umar radi’ anhu also said that his meaning: ‘A true friend is not a lot of praise you, but that shows you disgrace to your (the mentor for people who can fix such disgrace. to be remembered, advised not done in front of people many. so that we do not belong to the people who spread disgrace others. there are some details in this issue). “shape that advice, not only verbally but also through writing may, either letters, articles, notes adaptations of the books of scholars , and others.

Mutual Reminding About Death, Yaumil Hisab, At-Taghaabun (Day to looking his), Heaven and Hell

Very many people who just want to repent if life has almost been lost. then, among the forms of love for a Muslim to his brother, is another reminder about mortality. when her brother wanted to make a mistake, remind is that we never know when we die. and we certainly do not want to when we die in a state of sin to God Almighty.

fillah my brothers and sisters, kindly sangkalah to your other Muslim sisters when he was advising you, give you the writings of religious knowledge, or ask you to follow the study. was thought kind enough that he really wants good for you. as he also wanted a way for her self. because, who the hell people who love to fall in pools of mistakes and no one held out his hand on her to withdraw from the pool which was dirty? of course we will be sad when we fell in a hole, dirty and the people around us just see it without our help …

There was no loss if we put a lot of our brothers and sisters. as long as we try sincerely, the best reward from Allah Almighty awaits us. Do not worry because the promptings which invites us to “want to win themselves, want to be famous himself.” O my brothers and sisters fillah, people will die! All God’s creatures will die and return to God! While God is the Almighty Eternal Essence. So, do something for the Most Eternal Essence of course its more mainstream in comparison to do something just for human praise. is not it?

The promise of Allah Ta’ala Definitely Right!

Muslimah sister may Allah always keep us on the truth, you know! people who love each other because God will get glory in the afterlife. there are several Hadith Qudsi about it.

From Abu Hurairah radi ‘anhu, the Prophet sallallaahu’ alaihi wa sallam said: Allah says in the Day of Judgement, “Where are the people who loved each other because of my greatness on this day? I’m going to overshadow them in my shade on the day that there is no shade except the shade of Me. “(Narrated by Muslim, Sahih)

Of Abu Muslim al-Khaulani radi ‘anhu from Mu’adh ibn Jabal radi’ anhu, he said: “I heard the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam told of his Lord, with his saying,’ People who make love because God is in the on the pulpits of light in the shade ‘Throne on the day that there is no shade except His shade.’ “

Abu Muslim radi ‘anhu continued, “Then I went out to meet’ Ubadah Saamit ash-bin, and then I mentioned to him the hadith Mu’adh ibn Jabal. So he said, ‘I heard the Prophet sallallaahu’ alaihi wa sallam told of his Lord, who said, ‘Love me right to the people who loved each other because of me, love me right to the people who help each other- help for me, and love me right to the people who visit each other because of me. ‘The people who make love because God is above the pulpits of light in the shade’ Throne on the day there is no shade except His shade. “(Narrated by Ahmad, Saheeh with various road periwayatannya)

From Mu’adh ibn Jabal radi ‘anhu, he said, I heard the Prophet sallallaahu’ alaihi wa sallam said, “God said, ‘People who make love because of my greatness, they get the pulpits of light so that the prophets and martyrs envious of them. “(Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, Sahih)

Alhamdulillahilladzi bini’matihi tatimmushshalihaat (meaning: “Praise be to Allah, with Him all the good pleasure to be perfect.” Praying in the Holy Prophet say when he get a pleasant thing). Ta’aala God provides for us the reward is so much land. God Ta’aala provide it free of charge for us. in fact, so simple a way to get a reward. and its so easy to practice the teachings of Islam for people who believe that tomorrow he will meet Allah Rabbul ‘alamin, looking all good and bad deeds he had done during the life of the world. prepared is the best lunch we headed in the Hereafter. may Allah gather us and those we love because God in heaven paradise of Al-A’laa with the prophets, martyrs’, shiddiqin, and Righteous. That’s the end of life’s most beautiful …


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