>Exams and trials


1. The amount of reward in accordance with the amount of test and trial. Verily Allah ‘Azza wajalla if enjoying a people of God to test them. Whoever will be patient for her patience and those who benefit then for him the wrath of God’s wrath. (Narrated by Tirmidhi)
2. Gone was a Muslim thorn or more than that, unless God noted for her kindness and remove from it a sin. (Narrated by Bukhari)
3. Sa’ad ibn Abi Waqqash said, “I asked the Holy Prophet,” O Messenger of Allah, who were the most severe test and trial it ..? “The Prophet answered,” The prophet then that mimic (like) them, and which mimic ( like) them. Someone tested according to their religious content. If religion thin (weak), he tested in accordance with it (light) and when he tested his faith firmly based on it (hard). A tested constantly so he walked the earth clean of the sins. (Narrated by Bukhari)
4. Whoever God wills good for him, then he tested (tested by a disaster). (Narrated by Bukhari)
5. A servant has a degree in heaven. When he could not reach it with his good deeds, then God’s test and try it out for him to reach the degree of it. (Narrated Ath-Thabrani)
6. If God loved servant of God then he was tested for hearing petition (humility himself). (Narrated by al-Bayhaqi)
7. When I test my servant with blinding his eyes and he was patient and I replace both eyes to heaven. (Narrated by Ahmad)
8. No one believer overwritten pain, fatigue (exhaustion), whatever disease or sorrow (distress) to any thorns that pierce (body) except by that God remove his sins. (Narrated by Bukhari)
9. A believer even though he entered the pit lizards, God will decide who to bother him. (Narrated by Al Bazzaar)
10. A Muslim should not humiliate himself. The Companions asked, “How insulting him is, yes Prophet?” The Prophet replied, “To be involved in test and trial that he could not bear suffering.” (Narrated by Ahmad and Tirmidhi)
11. It is not from the (group) our people who slap-slap on the cheek and tore her clothes let alone pray with the prayers of ignorance. (Narrated by Bukhari)
Explanation: Performed at the death of family members at the time of ignorance.
12. God tests His servants with the disaster inflicted as a test the purity of gold by fire (arson). Somebody out of pure gold. That’s what God protected from doubts. Some also less (quality) and that is always in doubt. There are black out like gold and it is indeed overwritten defamation (catastrophe). (Narrated Ath-Thabrani)
13. One of them prefer to test and trial experience than anyone of you (pleased) to receive gifts. (Narrated by Abu Ya’la)
14. Verily Allah Azza Wajalla test his servants in the sustenance provided by God to him. If he was pleased with the acceptance part then God will bless and expand administration. If he was not pleased with the gift then God will not give her blessing. (Narrated by Ahmad)
15. Any person or his property seized on the tragedy in her past secret and not in his complain to whoever will be right for God to forgive him. (Narrated Ath-Thabrani)
16. The most terrible disaster is when you need what is in the hands of others and you rejected (gift). (Narrated by Ad-Dailami)
17. Whoever tested then be patient, given the then grateful, oppressed and persecuted and had to forgive and seek forgiveness, then for their safety and they belong to people who obtain guidance. (Narrated by al-Bayhaqi)

Wallahu’alam bishowab..


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